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What happens when you ask an author to sign your copy of their eBook?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Thursday, 15 Nov 2012, 20:49


Fig.1 hard copy and e-book 'The New Learning Architect'

I hadn't meant to acquire a paper back copy of the New Learning Architect, it was more a question to an author. How do you sign an eBook? I had thought a screen-grab, import into Brushes then offer the stylus. I'll try that one next time.

Instead Clive offered me a copy of the book - he insisted. I may struggle with paper.

Launching into my second read I can perhaps tackle this differently - physically writing in the notes from the e-version?

Plenty from the presentation to value and not the time to develop a conversation other than reflecting on how the industry has shifted over the last decade or two, only now finally realising our great hopes of the past.

It's still learning, even if training is now called 'Learning and Development'.

An insightful, timely and valuable morning. Much to build on. The right place to be to get your head around learning on a globa scale for a global audience.

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Hi Jonathan

I was talking to a friend today who knows a totally blind guy who uses an Ipad.  He has put braille labels on the apps icons (sorry my Apple knowledge is very limited) and uses the inbuilt speech facility.  Have you come across this before?

Hope it's going well.


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There are some incredible pieces of assistive technology that turn web page content into Braille, and keypads that have a variety of embossed inserts too. Might this work on an iPad? Possibly ince set up. It comes with voice controls.