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Happy to be a ... florist

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 16 Nov 2012, 07:16


I found this fascinating. Kirstie Donnelly of City & Guilds introduced it at a presentation yesterday. I guess if we can't be a florist we can at least grew flowers in our garden?



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Bren P

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It always used to be hairdressers, they must have slipped down the table. Maybe it's because they found out that they were the lowest paid......
Design Museum

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Hairdressers seem to be a happy bunch - but they don't appear to like each other??!
SXR103 chemistry is fun (2008) :-)

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Something to do with working with nature?

I always found gardening very satisfying smile

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I actually tried to enter into floristry a few years ago in search of happiness and I have to say that whoever wrote that article obviously never worked as a florist during Valentine's Day or took deliveries and set up shop during winter! You're almost always cold, your hands especially because they're almost always wet and putting heaters on reduces the lifespan of the flowers! Then there's constant to-ing and fro-ing outside to empty the bins out... and, of course, the big window displays need to be cleared out every day before locking up so they can be put out again the next day... and you're forever mopping up spills so that no one slips... thoughtful

I didn't hate my time there but it's a lot more taxing than it looks, at least at entry level. tongueout I must say that I find the growing of flowers much more gratifying but I can't get that as a job, so... thoughtful