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Fig.1. My Personal Learning Environment

I did one of these for H808 The E-Learning Professional 18 months ago.

The huge difference was first a Kindle, then an e-Book. I don't have a desk and in a busy home finding a place and time to learn was a problem - now I will pick up as I cook, in the bath ... and in bed. I take it with me. As it was described by an OU MBA Student, 'a university in your pocket'.

Not so much mobile learning and slumbering learning ... unless walking the dog while reading a forum message counts?

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No time for naked ladies?
Lovely skirt

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Quite a cool graphic, like wordle in a small way.

I'd have naked ladies somewhere there, Matt! big grin

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Grafio exported into Picassa then 'Neon'.

Not a naked lady but I posted a piece about the new Ad for Anne Summers ... in Linkedin. They've created a version for 'after the watershed' which I pointed out is complete nonsense as anyone can view it at anytime online. Fun to look at both versions to see what they 'cut' ... usually a few seconds that make suggestion rather more graphic. So, be vauge to the minors and in your face with the adults?