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You poor little strawberry-leafed nonentity

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 8 Jan 2013, 07:49

Now there's a put down! This said by a Cabinet Minister to a Duke. Both fictional and from the pen of Saki.

Ministers of Grace

Far better than 'pleb' - a public school boy cliche.

Should I be doing something else? Of course, I've got an EMA to write on accessible e-learning for students with disabilities.

I'm rewarding myself with something else for an hour or two. Picking my way through 'Story Writing' by Edith R Mirrielees (1949) who while at Stanford taught creative writing to John Steinbeck in 1919.


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Or a copper's idea of what a public school cliche might be?
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Well 'pleb' would be a 1970s prep-school boy term ... born of the previous 100 years during which time Latin was taught.


well...and the rest.  Somehow everybody understood the inference.  Not sophisticated enough for Mitchell.

Anyways, No.10 Downing Street is not there for the benefit of the force. Is not a police state.  CCTV/police logs point to a stitch up?

Is a problem at Westminster ...very bored officers, armed, highly trained and awaiting armegeddon scenario with the trigger finger, day in day out. 

Brave, of course...but we should be vigilante against the creep of the security business.   

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Regarding the security business you should check out work carried out by the OU Business School where they have various research projects funded to examine the 'surveillance society' - fascinating and depending on your perspective either deeply worrying or reassuring. We are potentially followed, tracked or monitored for much of the day - fine so long as we have the current shambolic system of government, not so good if the politicians had power, or a police or military state took over.