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Don't look through these 'mighty illusions' if you have an essay crisis ...

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Mighty Illusions

(I just can't sleep. I'm waiting for the roof to come off the house, a tree to land on the car or Dorothy and Toto to fly by)

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Rachel S

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I would love to suffer from sleeplessness.*  I am just great at sleep; it is the thing I am best at. But thinking about being awake at 4:30 makes me jealous.  All that time to do.... stuff.

(* I will, no doubt, regret saying this.)

Design Museum

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Some of us our larks, some of us our owls. Take a family or your friends and observe! In our family Father and son are larks, mother and daughter are larks. There can be days when there is only a four or three hour period of the night when everyone is in bed! Growing up my grandfather, mother and I were all owls ... this caused untold anguish for my mother who with both my sisters, especially my older sister, just couldn't handle it. To her not getting up implied laziness. This was unfair as my sister would work into the night. So run with it is my view! The only way to change this is like an early morning radio presenter to go onto a different daily cycle - so set the clocks for Turkey time or some such and try to kid yourself that when you get up at 4.30. Actually, I've just check this - Istanbul isn't far enough east. You'll have to go onto Karachi time!