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Can I Show it To My Grandparents?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 4 May 2014, 13:02

This is the first blog I came across in 1998.

A few months later I was up and running. I couldn't code so had to wait for a generic platform to post to. This was Diaryland. Then along came LiveJournal. And five years or so ago I decamped to WordPress.

Millions of words, and millions of bloggers later and the world of self-publishing (we now call it user generated content) is a profoundly important form of global and universal communication.

I like the line 'can I show it to my grandparents' as if in 1998 they would be online and looking.

I re-found these pages courtesy of waybackwhen - type in a defunct web address and discover to your delight or horror that everything that was ever posted online is still out there.

If you thought that locking the pages would save you, you're mistaken.

One click and it's there forever.

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Hi Jonathan,

I had a go.  Nothing too dodgy, this trawl. 

My pal started a site noseriders.com, 2000AD, which was my first web experience, I reckon.  I was trying to find the old forum or diary entries saying 'Mat was fantastic today.' or 'photo of Mat.' I suppose if I kept digging! A little wave of nostalgia...and lots of references to the ceefax surf report on his diary...

Design Museum

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I find it quite freaky to be reminded of how layouts once looked:


And my old blog:




I liked teaming up with a person who wanted to design the website, who then created my next website which on this platform has remained the same ever since. There was that collaboration and every blog being quite unique. I refused to file anything by date. Whatever I posted went into one of any 32 categories. Interestingly research shows that we do infact remember by subject - i.e. what, who and why rather than 'when' yet 'moden' blog formats insist on doing the Guttenberg thing of having dates as if we rememeber by day of week, week of month and year.