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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 6 Feb 2013, 22:09


That's every day. Invaluable.

Day one ... of 1097.

So there ought to be 1097 posts ... it looks like it, but is there some way of knowing?

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Did I have a terrible go at one of your first posts? Yup, did. Sorry. Maybe wink

May I just say a big thanks for you from me. When I tire there you are.

Just be.



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Hi Neil - no bother at all. I do the same and you know, in groups in Linkedin, the best discussions are debates and they do get personal as we get aggitated or it catches us in a mood. I've been ticked off myself by others, a tutor ... this is the nature of 'stream of consciousness' expression of any sort. We get the flotsam and jetsam. I spent a fascinating afternoon at the WebSciences faculty at the University of Southampton yesterday where some extraordinary insights are being researched. All of this can be bewildering for new comers - stuff netiquette - we're human, we have our foibles and passions ... and our moments. At times ... a bunch of fellow bloggers can be like a bunch of students sharing a house. You have a go at each other. All in the best possible taste as the late, great Kenny Everett would have said.