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Who would you invited to an e-learning dinner party?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 25 Feb 2013, 07:15

They should be living.

There can be only 8 guests including yourself.

I offered my suggestions.

I had Martin Bean at the head of the list, then others such as Dame Professor Wendy Hall from WebSciences at University of Southampton, Professor Sugata Mitra, famous for the 'hole in the wall' experiments with children in rural India, now at University of Newcastle. From Industry I had Kirstie Donelly MBE from City & Guilds.

You get the picture.

I posted this to four groups I belong to in Linkedin.

I'll give it some more time then analyse.

Despite the instructions many are simply putting in:

'I'd invite me!'

While others have picked reality TV show stars and other random celebs.

I'm frankly staggered at people's inability to read the question.

Currently one conversation, playfully suggests, that the previous respondee would be struggling to type because of the length of their painted finger nails.

Do I despair, or simply observe with a wry smile what can be the free-for-all of 'social learning'?

It appears that many people don't read the question, the read the last response and simply tag onto that like its some massive Chinese whisper.

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World's worst dinner party v1

Yang Shoe She

Dalai Larma

Prince Charles

Shirley Bassey

Danny Boyle

The triathlon twins

Will Self

Lord Renard

Pauline Quirk

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Yes, far, far more entertaining.

I think I'd start with my late father and his FOUR wives!!!

To get the blood flowing I'd want to set the cats and dogs amongst these pigeons so:

Grayson Perry

Eddie Izard

Lenny Henry

Jodie Foster

Steven Appleby


My mate Matthew Faulk

Actually, it's starting to sound rather entertaining.


My Guest List

Egbert Jelly,

Marg Arine

Chic Encroute

Hetti Spag



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I can't think of any well known in the field of education but we have some quite inspirational people on here.  Can I say people on the OU blog?  Mind you I'd end up with a party not a meal.  I'd bring the currys.
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Hi Cathy, Yes!

Maybe I should start again with broader parameters!

A dinner part for 12 - all living, but ... (there's always a but) ... you have only ever met them online!!

We could even have a virtual dinner party where we agree a menu, cook it ourselves, set up a screen on the dining table and eat in a Google Hangout.

In an earlier module my fellow student decided it should be a pyjama party as she was several hours ahead of us! All above board, but there she was with her lap top, in bed with grumpy hubbie while we were meant to sip wine.

An OLD MOOC Google Hangout one participant in Australia decided to eat their dinner during the hangout and didn't turn off the microphone.

A new kind of table manners would be required.

All the best