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H809 : Research questions in a spider-map

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Thursday, 13 Nov 2014, 10:21

Had I known what I know now ... three years ago, perhaps I would have taken more care about what I read. From three weeks of H809 I've created this 'spider map' to use as I read anything new. It runs from Structure in a clockwise direction through to Implications. I've only just counted the number of 'issues' - 12 is a coincidence. The reality so far is that 8 will do it, 12 if I want to be thorough and probably just a few of these if I am going to look at title, abstract, authors. Should some of these be merged? In time these should become automatic. 'Paradigms' throws me. I'm not hot on 'concepts' or 'frameworks' either. All the more reason to be on H809!

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Fantastic map easy to read and communicates the reading of papers beautifully - thanks for sharing
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I'm weak on frameworks, concepts and paradigms. It's still the case that others tell me, 'oh, that's behaviour constructivism' or that's 'environmental determinism' and as for ontologies and epistemoligies ... I'm still lost. But perhaps such words, even 'pedagogy' should be banned ... sometimes a few short words say a lot more than one long one. And while I'm here, I think acronyms should, with a few exceptional cases such as IBM and BBC be banned. They don't add to meaning.

On a practicle note I do find I am using this spider map. I call it up as I read and see what I'm getting. Come to think of it I ought to add 'citations' in here.