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Certificate for Master of Arts in Open and Distance Education

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The certificate arrived this morning. I can add MA (OD) (Open) to my name.

Some journey!

Thank you OU.

It only took 12 years.

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Gillian Wilkinson

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Well done Jonathan...what next? Gillian
Kathryn Johnson

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Congratulations, Jonathon. What an achievement! 12 years with the OU, gosh, maybe you'll feel bereft, too. Better enrol for the PhD surprise



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Waaay! well done wink



Lovely skirt

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Whooppeee! Congratulations. Will we all be missing you on here now.

Don't go!

Oh, alright then, go, but make it worthwhile.

Bren P

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Just one more itsy bitsy module? You'll feel naked without one on the go!!!!

Best wishes.

JoAnn Casey

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What an achievement!  Wel done!  Big hugs all round!  x