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Graduation Day at The Dome, Brighton. MA ODE

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 27 Apr 2013, 15:34


I'd just paid £50 to hire a gown so I thought I'd save the £65 to £195 on the 'Official Graduation Photo'. This is the one that gets put in a frame with my certificate then. A positve, even emotional experience and a reminder of what the OU stands for and what it means to all of us to do this journey. This should be 2003, but never mind ... got there in the end!

Applications go out in various directions for funded doctoral research ... and one curiosity, an MA in History at Birmingham on 'The Great War' to try and finish a project I started over 22 years ago on the Machine Gun Corps.

I thanked my 14 year old son for coming along as I drove him around to a friend's house and he said, 'No, thank you for inviting me'.

Meanwhile, back to H809.

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Bren P

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I didn't realise that today was the day!

I have a piccie at home that my youngest took while we were relaxing in Neros. I never knew that you could see up my skirt to my knickers when seated until I got home...... I didn't choose to put that picture up on the wall surprise. Note to self, longer skirt next time!


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Yo Jon

Enjoy, for you should, that was hard work.

On a personal note, when I first came to this place I didn't know what to do, you gave me the basic rules.

Now, you and I, well you know...

You couldn't see the smile that was on my face when I knew that you graduating; it, my face, almost split, which if I was a banker I might have sued you for.

You have been important for me. Go easy, step lightly, stay free.

aw ra vera best


JoAnn Casey

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Awwwwww........That's really lovely.  What beaming smiles all round.

It's my turn next year - 45 years later than scheduled.

Congrats again !!!!! x


Good luck with future studies.

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Well done fella. Roll on the doctorate.