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A game of four halves ...

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 30 Apr 2013, 11:00

I don't follow football, I simply taxi my son to games. Today they played the same team ... then played them again. This is due to a back log of postponed games over the season due to frost, wet and snow.

They won the first and lost the second.

Why not make it like waterpolo - a game of four quarters?

Why not have a goal in each corner.

Anything to relieve the tediousness of it.

Meanwhile we left as a boy wrapped in tinfoil awaited an ambulance having been kicked in the head ... then taken a header.

I asked my son why they don't wear helmets, afterall, this is what he wore recently on a skiining holiday.

And the Ref was of course rubbish.

He should have an earpiece, and he and the line refs should have helmet cams.

In fact, why don't they put a chip in the ball.

Or put a chip in every player.

You could then do the entire thing online from the comfort of your bedroom.


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