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A new chapter begins ...

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 8 May 2013, 04:42

Four months into making the decision to pursue this route I have taken my first step towards doctoral research. I had to collate qualification certificates from ancient degrees - which was an interesting experience. And talk to OU Tutors about an academic reference. It feels as scary as putting in an EMA, except that here the result is either pass or fail.

If I can stick to this plan then the full round of applications starts in January 2014.

As much work as possible until September 2014 would be a good idea.

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Bren P

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Keep us updated. I have considered the doctorate route so any info I can glean from your posts is most welcome!
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I've assembled several books on preparing for PhD research, both recommended. I have also identified and researched several institutions and been to two. I have been to University of Southampton to consider their WebSciences programme. I have been to Oxford, in passing, attending a lecture put on by the Oxford Internet Institute. And I have been in touch with and gone through the materials regarding doctoral research at the Open University. To identify and identify with potential supervisors I have downloaded maybe 12 books. The goal here is to try to narrow down my field of interest. Not easy when I am curious about everything ... except the internal combustion engine. This and a couple of lengthy Skype conversations with a Doctor at Harvard Medical School and some email exchanges with the University of California, San Diego.  Various other institutions have come onto my radar because of the academics there - so University of Newcastle because of Prof. Sugata Mitra, Leicester because of Prof. Grainne Conole ... and University of Birmingham for a very niche and specialist interest I have in the First World War (See my blog The Machine Gun Corps for more). My inclination is towards e-learning in medicine.