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I have just submitted my final assignment, YEEEEEHAAAAA! 

Good luck to everyone with their work and I look forward to next year and another seven months of stress, doubt, worry and then triumph and relief.  When that last assignment has been submitted and you thank God ,you stuck it out and have notched up another year, and are another step closer to your goal!!!

Looking forward to Power, Equality and Dissent already.  The OU is a bit like labour.  You think you're never going to get through it, and then five minutes after it's over, the stress didn't seem so bad after all, and you look forward to doing it all again!!!

Ah life, what a wonderful pleasure, pain ,up and downy great experience it is, ENJOY!!!!


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Aideen - enjoyed reading your well written, thought provoking articles here. Interesting though, that in spite of your previous opinions/comments on religion, you still thanked God when your last assignment was finished!! Are you hedging your bets just in case? Enjoy your break.


Hi Stephen,  Thanks for the comments. I do believe in some thing/force beyond me that guides me through life.  I can only go on my own experience, and this is what I have concluded, I believe we all have our own path through life to follow and so we have to do what is right for us.  I think when things go wrong it is because you're either not doing what you're supposed to be doing or there is a lesson to be learned from it.   

Life is a journey and a challenge, and the most frustrating thing about it, for me personally, is that we don't appreciate just how short this experience is going to be and it drives me crazy how governments treat their people and subject them to misery and poverty.  We only have this time so we should be doing our best to make it as good as possible for everyone, and derive as much joy and pleasure from it.  I don't mean in a hedonistic, drink/drug party lifestyle but just being able to live well;  to be able to work, to have enough to live on and not break into a sweat when a bill drops through the door, to have a decent roof over your head, and enough to eat, to be able to take the odd holiday and to be treated with dignity and respect. Because realistically, that's all that people want, and it's those who always want more and are never satisfied that wreck it for everybody. 

I will not live this life again as this person, I don't know if i will live another life in the future as someone else, but I want to live the very best life I can, and to see and experience as much of this beautiful planet as I possibly can. 

I have done a bit of travelling and what I see more than anything else is how alike we all are, 99.99999% of the worlds population are like ourselves, and are just trying to get through and I just wish that we could find a better way of living and stop giving our loyalties to flags and countries but to our fellow human beings and the earth instead.

Imagine if the American people pledged this every day in school 'I pledge allegiance to the people of the United States' or even better, 'I pledge allegiance to the people of planet earth to endeavour to preserve it's great beauty and diversity, in common humanity, with liberty and justice for all', maybe we should all say that one.

As always, comments are welcome, I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you

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Hi Aideen, Me again. I’m with you 100% in that we all should be grateful for what we have, and focus more on making the best of every day rather than getting caught up in the materialistic world and always wanting more. I think it’s something that only comes with age and experience. If we all had the wisdom at 17 that we have when we get older I reckon we would live our lives totally differently and appreciate every day. As for the thing/force guiding you through your life I’m not sure about that. Sometimes I feel like we are all in a big game of Snakes and Ladders, with no great control over where we land, and the good times are ladders that lift you up and the really bad times take you right down. It can take months/years to get back up again. Don’t know what the outcome is though. Could the end square be “heaven”? (Or a week in Benidorm) I’ve been lucky though, as I’ve have more ladders than snakes so far. Although I realise now that no matter how it plays out, there’s always a section where I’ll never land on again and that time/place/person won’t ever come back. At least with Snakes and Ladders there might someday be an outcome. If our lives were played out on a Monopoly board it would only last 2 hours before everyone gets fed up and falls out over the hotels!!! I admire you because you dare to challenge the establishment, and you look for your own answers, rather than accepting what is fed to us by governments/churches etc. Whereas someone like me tends to go with the flow because it’s the easy way. Your inquisitive mind and your talent for writing make for excellent articles here and hopefully you can keep that going. You are definitely good enough to be writing for papers/magazines (if you don’t already) I wish you well on your spiritual journey. And remember not all setbacks are bad. Maybe a short snake can put you in line for the longest ladder. I just need to roll a six now to get me started again!!

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Hi Stephen, thanks for the comments.  I don't write for anyone, unfortunately, just myself and whoever is interested in reading it.  The whole force thing I was talking about is something I am not even sure about myself, other than I have experienced things I can't really explain. 

By way of an explanation this is about the best I can do.  I watched Prof. Brian Cox's series, Wonders Of The Universe,  and found it very interesting.  He said that everything that is in the universe existed at the very beginning and if you took out all the space, all the matter that exists could be contained in a very small, dense ball.  So, the reality is, that I existed in some form other than what I am now so that when I die I may exist in another form, because at a molecular level we are all atoms of energy. 

And when the body dies, will that energy continue?  Who knows?  There are forces around us all the time, magnetism, gravity, invisible forces moving us in ways we're not even aware of, and maybe many more, we don't even know about yet.  Why do they work the way they do, where does that energy come from, what drives them or keeps them moving???

Or look at the huge diversity of life on this planet.  Take something as simple as a daisy, if you really look at it, look at its yellow centre, white petals and green stem and leaves.  You couldn't make it, it begins as a seed and then with a few chemical reactions it changes into something completely different.  And why is all the life on the planet different. Why is there not one type of plant life and one type of animal life?  Slight adjustments in the atoms or dna can have hugely different outcomes, and it is the slightness of this change that is fascinating, just how little it takes.

Now I can't answer these questions, I find the theory of physics fascinating but unfortunately I was never good enough at maths to be able to actually do the subject, but it's great to speculate!!!!

I remember watching another science programme a few years ago about black holes.  In the programme, they said they discovered that at the centre of every black hole was a phenomena that defied all the known physical laws.  Amazing stuff!!!  They didn't and couldn't explain what it was, how or why it existed, except that it was there. Who knows, maybe that is what God is, because no-one really knows or doesn't know for sure!!

There's another thing, the big bang theory, (the event, not the programme, although I love the programme) it seems that it would be more logical if instead of a big bang it was a big boom!  Now i'm not criticising Stephen Hawkings, he knows a lot more than me about all this, but if you imagine this small intense ball of matter, it seems it would make more sense if it imploded inwards instead of exploding outwards, like they had to do to detonate the atomic bomb.  You can imagine it becoming so dense that it collapsed in on itself rather than exploding outwards. 

Hold on, I've just had another thought, if it exploded outwards it would be more logical that another force acted upon it to make it explode than if it imploded under the weight of it's own density, does that make sense????

And if it did explode, then what make it explode, was it was a force outside of itself and if so where did that come from? Was that the 'Hand of God'!!!!?????

Anyway, there's a few more things to ponder on!!!  Let me know what you think!

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Hi Aideen, The whole big bang theory (never seen the programme yet!) just blows my mind. I suppose if the experts out there can’t tell us exactly what happened then someone like me shouldn’t even try. It’s the boundaries that are incomprehensible to me. Time - What was there before the very beginning? Whatever imploded or exploded must have come from somewhere!! Distance - Would a self powered space rocket that was sent off in a straight line just go on forever and ever and ever……or is there a perimeter out there somewhere? It’s something I’ll never find the answers to, so just like a very difficult crosswordTV Quiz I tend to lose interest. Until that is, I look upwards on a cloudless night, then I’m always in total awe at the countless number of stars, and wonder about their relevance, if any, to our little planet. Did “God” just place them there as a spectacle for us? Buzz Lightyear seems to know more than us about it “To infinity and beyond”. Maybe God is just physics at work after all!! Then again, it sounds as if physics doesn’t explain your experiences. I didn't mind physics at school, as it was really a form of maths that I could relate to – pressure, velocity, sound, current, density - all things that we encounter in everyday life. Whereas maths was just a “problem” to solve and whether you got the right value for “x” or not, there was no relevance to it. Have you ever noticed that people tend to thank God for good things (sunny days/Chilean miners rescue), but never blame him for bad things (tsunamis/Eastenders). Not that I would ever blame him for anything, I’m just making the observation!! Anyway must go for a walk now that the rains eventually stopped - Thank God !!