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Edited by Stacie Pridden, Sunday, 11 Nov 2012, 00:40

Heya Blogland,

Well this is gonna be a strange one today.

The past few weeks several emails and a few encounters with strangers has told me that people are actually alot more religious than I thought they were and apparently being terminally ill and on the transplant list automatically means you believe in god.

Right I must first start off by saying I have nothing against anyone who does believe in a particualar god, religion, whatever, each to their own but I personally don't believe in any god, which is sad because I do tend to have a bitter outlook on this particular point.

But the point of the blog is that I have had emails from people who read my blog and people my dad talks to at work have seen me and stopped me and they ALL not just some have told me that "God will save me". Now I don't mind when someone says to me they'll light a candle for me or I'll be in their prayers because that is lovely and I really appreciate that but by saying to me God will save me in my mind is an utter lie.

I don't believe in God the only thing I do believe in is my doctors they will do their upmost for me.

I just wonder why everyone assumes when your dying that you automatically turn to relgion because I know I never have and I just find it unusual that people I don't know just assume that I do and I never know what to say to them because I don't want to offend them so always just do the silent head nod and smile, and the emails just have no replies unless I suddenly decide to believe in something other than medicine mixed

anyway enough of my ramblings good night blogland

Stacie xoxo

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Julie Inan

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Hi stacie, seems like you have gathered some pretty strange people via the cyber community! As a bible beliving Christian myself I would never presume to tell anyone that God will save them - imho that kind of approach serves only to create hostility. I would probably tell anyone experiencing any kind of trial, and especially one involving serious illness, that I would be praying for them, and for their medical team, but, anything beyond that can be counter productive. I don't know why people assume that if you are terminally ill you *automatically* believe in god - perhaps it is the same kind of thinking that assumes it is ok for complete strangers to rub your bump when pregnant, or even for them to share the intimate details of their labour with you mixed. However, my stepfather, a WW2 veteran of D-Day, used to tell me that he had never met a dying atheist. I am not sure that people today are more religious than we realise, more that we are becoming aware of some kind of vacuum within ourselves and in society as a whole. Of course that is a whole other issue. Anyway, in the mean time I hope your day gets better, and, next time someone is fatuous enough to tell you how you are feeling about all things godly, well, tell them you don't believe, it will, at least, shut them up and encourage them to, hopefully, consider more carefully their words next time.

*waves goodbye*

Stacie Pridden

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Thanks for your comment Julie, I don't mind when they say they'll pray for me or light a candle for me because thats lovely. But I think the next time they say it to me I will just be straight with them and tell them I don't believe.

But as to the 'dying atheist' I am still a dying atheist but who knows if I do come to the very edge of life maybe I won't be and will suddenly find god although I don't think that would be true belief that would just me be scared when dying. Although my soon to be brother in law kind of already has that view point he doesn't believe in god and neither does my sister but he's already told us any children they have will be christianed like him "just in case" which isn't true faith or belief thats just being scared in my opinion lol.

Bren P

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I think that it is absolutely awful that people will say this.

Sounding blunt, you will die at some point - as will I and everyone else. I hope it's later rather than sooner.

I was born an atheist and I will die an atheist, I have never believed and never will. Strangely enough, RE was my highest-scoring subject in High School. I do like to know about what I am rejecting though!

It sounds that if you pull through, people won't hesitate to tell you that it was 'their' god that saved you (whichever one that may be). If you don't, then I expect that they will remain rather quiet on the subject......

Just for the record, I'm not anti anyone having a religion, that is their choice. I simply chose not to.

Stacie Pridden

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I also believe that Bren I will die at some point and if it happens earlier than intended then it does.

If I get my transplant and someone says to me "god saved you" I don't think I would be able to keep quite mixed oh dear... I can see some confrontations in the future lol


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Science will save you Stacie but when it does, the 'holier than thou' crowd will take great pleasure in telling you it was Gods will, you can't win. They mean well though big grin