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Hey Blogland,

Yesterday was supposed to be so good, but my friend who got her heart and lung transplant has come into a lot of complications in the surgery, she's still on bypass and they haven't been able to get the heart going as of yet, they had to leave her abdomen open last night because of a bleed they couldn't control due to the warfarin most of us PHers take but by leaving it over night it has given it a chance to become a better consistency. She's in surgery again now and hopefully once they've sorted the bleed they can then concertrate on the heart and lungs.

The good thing is shes alive and hopefully they will get her sorted smile

Stacie xoxo

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I suppose that is the down side to Warfarin, difficult to clot and so difficult to stop bleeds. However, the surgeons and doctors will have met this problem before, as you know, she will be in good hands. Our fingers are crossed.
Autumn Stalham-Farmery

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Sending best wishes your way x
Lovely skirt

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Yes, add my best wishes to them.

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Thinking of you both.

Sue xx


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Here's hoping all goes well.