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amazing news!!!

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Edited by Stacie Pridden, Thursday, 6 Dec 2012, 20:44


Go have a read it really is great news smile

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SXR103 chemistry is fun (2008) :-)

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great news indeed ! smile

And you are right, Life is worth the fight.


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Great news Stacie.



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Wonderful news big grin Thank you for keeping us advised.
Design Museum

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Keep up the sharing of the news and best wishes to everyone.

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That's wonderful news Stacie.  Thanks for sharing it with us.

Take care, Sue xx

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That is fantastic news indeed! smile  xx

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Thanks guys, I'm so chuffed smile

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Ha, knew it big grin A huge struggle, massive mental strain but oh, so worth it. Brilliant news, what a great start to a Friday, to read something like that. Your turn soon Stacie, only it will go a lot smoother cool

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Fantastic news, Stacie. Yay! big grin


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I hope so Peter I would perfer it without all the excitemnt one set of heart and lungs is enough for me LOL xoxo