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Edited by Stacie Pridden, Friday, 15 Feb 2013, 00:41

Hey Blogland,

Well I was maybe on tv this week, and when I say maybe I definitley was LOL.

In January I was ontacted by the NSHBT (organ donation people) asking me whether I would like to participate in a campaign that would be happening within February, they had read my blog and thought I would be a good candidate and there aren't that many of us waiting for both heart and lungs so it would make for an interesting story especially seeing as how I'm so young.

So on Tuesday me and my sisters made our way down to London and got to stay in quite a nice hotel and had everything paid for us (it was awesome!) and we got driven everywhere. Then  On Wednesday we got picked up in Philip Scofields car (I was like WHAT?!) and we made our way to daybreak where I got to meet McFly a seriously OMG moment for me lol.

I'm so proud of this campaign that ITV have engaged in and it really has helped from what I'm hearing 100,000 people have already added themselve to the donor register sine Monday which is just amazing!
me and my sisters with Lorraine and Aled

me and my sisters with McFly

Then later that evening I also featured on ITV WEST News and had the honor of being featured alongside Will Pope who was kind of the whole reason for the campaign in the first place smile.

I did a blog post on it on my other blog and it has the links to the actual clips so if you didn't see them and want to then pop on over there smile.


I hope everone is great in Blogland

Stacie xoxo

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Stacie, absolutely delighted for you. You certainly had your 15 minutes of fame in style - you deserve it approve


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I'm so thrilled for you.  You so deserved this special day and how wonderful that so many potential donars have come forward.
Gillian Wilkinson

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Wow...thanks for recording some of it on your blog so i could watch it. Looks like you had an amazing day Stacie. I live in Spain and i dont know what the situation is here so im going to find out.... Gillian
JoAnn Casey

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Awww......Stacie....How absolutely lovely!  I'm so thrilled for you.  I can see that you enjoyed EVERY minute.

You've really made my day.

Tata for now x

Stacie Pridden

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Thanks guys it really was awesome. I really hope to keep campaigning I may even go into schools and try and get teenagers talking to their families because it definitley needs to become the norm to talk about it :D