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Have you got yours?

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If not, why not?

I would genuinely like to know :D

because it would be quite interesting

to find out peoples reasons smile


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Bren P

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No, I don't have one nor do I intend to get one.

I don't want to influence anyone's opinion so maybe I shouldn't post my reasons here? I should say that I have nothing against organ transplants, that's not my angle. Mine has more to do with what constitutes brain death, along with directly observing a family friend's experience.

What my family does is their choice, and I'll honour whatever they want.

Stacie Pridden

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Oh really I know a few people who have had awful experiences Bren and for those reasons don't want to donate which I can completley understand. I know when I went through the whole assessment process they did explain the whole brain death thing but now I can't seem to remember exactly what they said coz it's in a blurr of information lol. I'll make sure to ask the next time I'm at clinic smile.

But I like the fact you have made your decision based on information and it's an informed one. Not just a off hand whim :D xoxo
Fiona Dorchester

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No. And no I don't intend on getting one.

My main reason is that I don't think it's my decision to make. I'll be dead, so it makes no odds to me what happens to my body, but I can't say how my family will feel when the doctor appears and tells them that they are going to remove my organs before releasing my body.

I've had this conversation so many times with so many people and to be honest, a lot of people seem to feel the same way. Yes, organ donation is a good thing but I just don't want to impose any decision that I make now, on my family later, when I'm not there.

Stacie Pridden

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Really Fiona? Thats so strange coz most of the people I come across just say they haven't got round to doing it. But then they could just be saying that because they feel they have to say that in front me because I'm ovbiously waiting for a heart and lung transplant.

I'm soo chuffed you guys are really telling me how you feel coz I find it fascinating.

I think the issue I have with leaving for family members to decide is you're leaving them with quite a massive decision when they are suffering a great loss. But I'm all for it especially if you've discussed it with your family because thats my main aim with people. To get them talking to their families rather than just willy nilly getting people signing up because if you sign up and haven't said a thing to your family then it's a bit pointless seeing as they have the last say.

But then I definitley think if you're willing to take an organ then you should definitley be willing to donate

Thanks Fiona :D

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Hello, Stacie. I haven't commented before but I do follow your blog with interest. I find it quite the inspiration and it helps me put things into perspective when I'm naffed off over my relatively minor frustrations. blush

With the a**-kissing part out of the way (tongueout), onto your question. It's something I'd like to do... if I can help somebody even when I'm gone, that would make me happy. Afterall, I'd not need any of it anymore, so why hang onto to it? Aren't we here to help eachother? Insofar as we dare, that is... shy

I'm reluctant to get an actual card, however; there are things I've seen with my own family that have made me very distrustful of the medical profession and I fear that if I were to have an actual card on me, they'd hasten my passing were anything to happen rather than attempt to prevent it.

If, God forbid, anything should happen to me, my family know my wishes; my dad is the of the same mindset. I just don't want to carry an actual card.


Design Museum

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I have a card. They can have the lot. My wife and kids know. We're all of a similar view across the family. Mistakes are exceedingly rare and quite frankly I DO NOT want to be stuck in a coma for a year or more ... nor quite frankly would I wish upon another human being what my mother went through after three strokes last year. We all needed a switch rather than the pitiful solution to stop re-attaching feeds that she was pulling out every day for months and then allowed to die over months awash with drugs, starving and dehydrated.
Stacie Pridden

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Hi Amy! *Waves*

Thats awesome!! I know a few people who feel the same, although doctors ovbiously would do everything they could to save any patient that they treat but the GREAR thing is that you have talked to your family and they know what you want which is what I want people to do. This is mainly because realtives are the main reason why peoples organs aren't donated, because they don't know what that person wanted but yours do which is AWESOME.

Thank you as well for the nice words unfortunatley my situation tends to do that for people but if thats what I can do then I'm more than happy to, although I'm most certianly not perfect I have bad days where I can.t help but feel down but then I bounce back up smile.

Hey Jon,

That sucks about your mum sad but most definitley a yeyy for you being a donor. I have all my last wishes written down and not being a vegetable is definitley on that list along with not being unable to look after myself all that kind of stuff definitley not stuff I would wanna go through.