OU Study app support guide


The OU Study app is for enrolled students who are registered on a course or qualification. Free or paid-for learning content from partner websites (such as OpenLearn or FutureLearn) will not be available in the app.

It is a companion app for module websites that enables you to study on-the-go, providing additional ways of accessing your module websites, where learning content can be downloaded and used offline. It will not replace module websites, as you will still need to engage with the desktop/mobile version for collaborative and more in-depth activities, and to access the OU library or to submit assignments.

The OU Study app gives you access to:

  • module study planner with key dates and activities
  • learning materials, some of which can be downloaded for offline use
  • Assessment page
  • Tutorials page (with booked tutorial listings)
  • Forums listings page (with new activity indicators)
  • Resources page
  • News and events pages
  • Module search
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