Are you ready for SM123?

This online activity should take you about two hours to complete.

Before you begin the module, we would like you to consider very carefully whether you are ready to study SM123.

Many of you will have already studied with the Open University before, on modules such as S111. To enjoy the module, there are some basic skills that you should be sure of before you study this module. But the most important thing you will need is time. SM123 will take about 10 hours of your time each week and runs from October to June. Think very carefully about how you will fit the time needed to study this module into your life.

Please take the time to work through this Are you ready for SM123? including the two quizzes on Understanding Science and Maths Skills. Please attempt all of the questions as this will help you assess whether you have the skills ready to start the module.

What you will be doing

This activity will help you find out whether you are ready to study SM123. It covers six areas.

  1. The Understanding Science quiz will ask you about the science you already know.
  2. The Maths Skills quiz will help you decide whether you have the maths skills needed.
  3. SM123 introduces computer programming. If you wish to get started on learning this now, there are resources to help you.
  4. One thing to bear in mind is this module is completely online. Do you have the study skills to do this?
  5. It may also be a while since you have written anything. Do you have the necessary writing skills?
  6. Do you have the time to study this module and can you manage your time well?
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1  Understanding Science Quiz


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