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Scenarios not conversations

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This is a scenario framework for learning.

1) There is a situation

2) There is a certain response

3) click

4) and there is an outcome.

This is NOT a conversation.

It is a situation that will have consequences, a decision is taken to do one thing or another, and there is an outcome.

In this instance I guess they've gone for a beer rather than gone to the movies, or had an argument and gone their separate ways.

Having developed a script along these lines to support age group swimmers with asthma, I am now looking at Independent Travel Training for Students with Special Educational Needs.

My mentor/tutor and guide is Anna Sabramowicz.

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Design Museum

Elearning for Students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

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Projects for the next four months with Open Access release in the New Year. 

Using a Cash Machine (ATM)

Learning points: 

1.       How many numbers are in an individual pin

2.       How to protect yourself from others seeing your pin number

3.       The colour of the button you press once you have entered the pin number

4.       In the home screen what does each tab mean i.e. cash withdrawal, printed balance, onscreen balance etc

5.       Who should know your pin number and why is it important that no one knows your pin number (outcomes)

Approach: Linear video with synched slides and bold caption on Planet eStream. 

Crossing the Road/Puffin/Pelican crossing

Learning points: 

1.       Where and how to stand when crossing the road (well back from the edge of the kerb, looking and listening for dangers etc)

2.       Look at the dangers of crossing the road (not paying attention, walking across the road when traffic is coming, not using crossing points)

3.       Colours of the Pelican Crossing lights – Green mean go or stop

4. When crossing still be looking and listening out for traffic

Approach: Linear video with synched slides and bold caption on Planet eStream. 

The Learning Resource Centre, Broadwater 

Learning points: 

1.       Who to go for help and what help they can offer (buy pens, change password and computer advice)

2.       Where the quick read books are within the LRC

3.       360 tour of the LRC, especially chill out room (is it a chill out room?)

4.       How to start the computer

5.       How to use the printers

6. Swiping in and out of LRC

Approach: ThingLink 360 tour with interactive hot spots, tour links and voice over narration. 

Independent Travel Training

Approach: Scenario-based elearning. Video with voice over, text and interactive prompts.

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Design Museum

Beat Asthma Before Asthma Beats You

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My asthma awareness script for age group swimmers is now done. The next step is to cost it, fund it and produce it. I feel like the teenage who got into video production age 17 - 40 flipping years ago!

Am I as excited? A bit, though I lack the drive and have far too many other distractions.




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Design Museum

Broken Co-Worker : Scenario-Based Elearning

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 2 July 2019, 10:56

Broken Co-Worker. Scenario-Based elearning

Several weeks working Anna Sabramowicz and I'm now scripting my own 'scenario-based' e-learning aimed at age group swimmers struggling to manage their recently diagnosed asthma. So much of this takes me back to scriptwriting and story telling - short films in particular. There is a unique skill in narrowing things down to the characters and events that produce conflict and outcomes.

Give it a go 'Broken Co-Worker'.


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