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Gathering resources together from a choice of millions of programmes from Planet eStream feels no different to putting on a display of popular books or magazines in a library. You're having to promote stuff to an audience who don't watch any TV. They stream it all from YouTube or Netflix. Other than the biggies: Bake Off, Strictly and Britain's Got Talent ... and soaps, how aware are they of the 'educational' content we would have them watch.

And how education is TV anyway if produced to entertain and then repurposed to form the backbone to a class?

I've been running through 32 subject areas seeing if there are programmes that might intrigue our 16 year olds during Fresher's week. They can view any of this via their Student Sign in on Planet eStream. 

Bjork Meets Attenborough

Stacey Dooley on Fashion

What will the Future Look Like in 100 Years?

The Beauty of Diagrams

Who Do You Think You Are? Daniel Radcliffe, Cheryl ...

Desert Island Discs: Bill Gates

A Good Read

Horizon: Hair Secrets

The Truth About Vegans



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