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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:43

So here it goes...creating my first blog to document my journey back to and through education. 

I shall start by introducing myself. 

My name is Christine. Born and raised on the Western fringes of Wales right between where the sea ends and the rolling Welsh hills begin. Married my school love at 24 (after being with him from the age of 17). Built our home together from scratch. First child at 26. Second child at 30. Continuing to live life in married bliss. 

Went to school, went to college. Wanted to become a police officer. Didn't go to plan (couldn't pass that damn scenario assessment - I'm no actress) 

Since leaving college with a Triple Distinction Grade National Diploma in Uniformed Services (something I didn't think was that big a deal until someone told me why had I not gone to Uni and it was a good grade)

Life went on and I decided to go to work instead. Ended up finding myself a role working in social care of young people. Then for the past 9 years working in the local Primary School. Built a nice portfolio of courses and even became a HLTA. 


Things are changing and my passion for improving the educational experiences of the young ones is fading since having my own children. I am around children most of the 24 hours in day and 7 days a week. Thankful that I'm able to do some of my hobbies when I have time. It gets a bit much! Began working part time for my Dads engineering company as he was a sole trader at the time and couldn't keep up with admin. Now he can't keep up with the work and he has lightened a new spark and a new drive within me. 

I suppose I have something to be thankful for with this virus and lockdown. It has made me reflect on my life choices and the drive for a new challenge in my life. 

And so it begins...Part Time Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Honours) - October 2020

Feeling extremely nervous but hoping I have made the right choice. 

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