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Full Armour of God.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Sunday, 25 Oct 2020, 17:50

Who else fancies a bit of exorcism on a dull Sunday afternoon?  lol 

Basic fundamentals, you have to be baptized as an adult totally immersed in water other wise you can't play I'm afraid.  It's a very lucrative club and if your names not Dan you're coming in sorry. wink I'm kidding, we want you to join us.  All are welcome even the most debauched.  Your soul is up for grabs, wake up to the spiritual awakening and war that is happening right now all around you!




Full armour of God folks! Belt of truth, Shoes of Gospel and Peace, Sword of the Spirit, Breastplate of Righteousness, Helmet of Salvation, Shield of Faith.  

Joan of Arc

Turn away from the things of the world this includes see, hear and speak no evil.  

Stay away from mockers, the evil ones and the occult practices.  

Read your bible and learn scriptures.

Give to the poor and needy (without others knowing).

Next blog is going to be on dreams btw.

The veil is the thinnest currently and Halloween is a wicked holiday that is not cute and is aimed at the children damn if you only knew, it should be about respect for the dead saints stay prayed up.

The LHP always pervert the RHP practices. Corset the tree like me and aim high.  They go low you go high. Simples.


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It's that time of year again.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Saturday, 24 Oct 2020, 15:09
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The genuine article.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Sunday, 25 Oct 2020, 21:18

Some days I miss the old me.  I am not sure I can be the most pure and innocent all the time.  I am not the most righteous and kind.  I can be down right nasty and sin like the best of them.  Is it wrong that I miss that side of me?  

I don't like having my identity questioned or tested.  I will always do what I feel is right but damn I resent the fact that someone has tried to pull the rug out from under my feet and that is an understatement.  

I am a sinner, I am a saint what the hell do you all want from me??  Some days I want to burn this mfer to the ground and others I want to be a lighthouse, I am far from perfect.  

Don't expect too much is all I am saying, it's not like I can actually do anything about anyone else anyway, only myself.  

lol, I am how many in how many billion people on this planet?? Yeah exactly, I am so insignificant why me and what is the point if I have to constantly prove myself, I know I am not special, and that there are others.  I can't see an end to this madness.  

Today I feel like banging my head against a wall.  I can think of a million better ways to teach someone than the methods that were used upon me.  You can take your secular authority and ..., I am still no matter the persecution going to believe what I want.  Yes it may keep me stuck or whatever but when the lights go out its not up to you or anyone else.  Luther was onto something I think but I still agree with some doctrine of the Catholic Church being as they are my peeps.  How dare you and yes I wont forget. 

I am your adversary never mind you are mine.  You are no match for Gods almighty power anyway.  Don't make me laugh.

What happens when the boros


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Waste of time?

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Saturday, 24 Oct 2020, 15:21

I happened to accidentally on purpose stumble across a feed where the discussion of the feed was about Arts & Humanity Degrees.

Nobody had a good thing to say about them and that they were a waste of time and money.  Comments saying that Philosophy and Psychology are not employable skills.

Wonder what students of this discipline would have to say about that?  Good thing I am just doing this for my own reasons, and don't really care if I don't get a job at the end, that just means I won't have to pay the loans back. 

Are employers hiring old dear geniuses anyway? wink

Can't wait to get to Latin a nice useless language as my mum always says.  Yeah, but its not is it!  Got my manuals lets tango.

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Napoleon Complex.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Saturday, 24 Oct 2020, 13:23
I am already irritated by the way some of the tutors on this module who appear to have major egos and think they know it all apparently.  Sorry to burst your academic bubbles but uh NO.  There is definitely a lot to be said for life experience and spiritual authority.

When asked an open ended question that could have been answered yes, no or maybe, to those of us who answered no, we were told that 'that if one looks again the answer is yes not no'.  Of course its not no, how could it not be, and with no explanation other than because they say so and I'm not sorry but I disagree. 

Ah, I see what they are doing now..lightbulb just went off. Got it.  Yes how many Philosophers do we have in the making, show us what you're made of.  I am the archer you will see all in good time.  I am not running before I can walk which is odd to hear coming from me yes but I am not going to give you the satisfaction of seeing me fall you all enjoy it entirely too much.

In order for an argument to be a good one it needs to pass two tests.  Are the premises true?  If the premise is true would it support the conclusion?

Music alone in my opinion did not cause a revolution.  It may have been used as a tool yes I concur but alone it did not.  There is no right or wrong answer here.

I still say to this day.  I wear no labels and please don't try and fit me into a box, a brick in the body nothing more and nothing less. 

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The Rise of the Narcissist!

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Saturday, 24 Oct 2020, 13:17

The rise of narcissism is spreading faster than Covid-19.  There is an army of demons targeting the good people in this world.  They think we are weak, they are predators and purely evil they are master manipulators.  See this mask, they wear them and you wont see it slip at first but when you do it will almost certainly be too late.Narc mask  

These demonic soulless portals are out in force and the empathic, compassionate, usually Christians or healthy mostly normal people are being targeted and attacked.  Its a satanic agenda, an all out assault on Gods children, wake up Exodus massive.

I could literally write a book on this subject.  If anyone is being abused or manipulated, humiliated or possibly worse by these evil entities, you really need to run!  Twin flames are also apart of the agenda don't believe the hype.  They are creating slaves.

The best ways to deal with these devils especially if it's too late and you already have soul ties (usually created by sexual intercourse) firstly, you need to tell as many people as you can, and get as much proof as you can, but most importantly to run and quietly.  Breaking soul ties is a whole other subject that I can address later, its spiritual warfare. 

They come to kill, steal and destroy and these aren't just words.  They will do whatever they want, from cheating on you putting you at risk of stds, poison you or abuse you, your kids, your animals, your friends, steal your money, isolate you from your friends and family, church any place where they know people will help you.

A relationship with one of them usually goes something like this.

1.  Mirroring (this is the dating phase the data collecting phase, they copy you to make you feel like they are your equal in most ways and sucker you in, be wary of the very charismatic types, if it seems too good to be true it usually is).

2.  Love bombing (showering you with love, compliments, gifts, making you feel like you are someone really special to them).

3.  Gaslighting (this is where they purposely antagonize or try to trigger with insults to make you react poorly resulting in you crumbling and making you weak so that they can control you and turn you into one of their harem or slaves).

4.  The abuse, humiliations, manipulations will increase in order to break you. The running and chasing phase occurs (they will leave you in a bad way and you being normal will try to rationalize and probably forgive and have them back to try and make it work, only resulting in them leaving again but before that they will abuse you even worse than they did the time before).

5.  The final discard (if you're lucky they disappear for a long time allowing you to pick up the pieces of your heart and life that they have all but destroyed).

6.  Ghosting (in other words they disappear leaving you for dead with no words, no apologies nothing but leaving you and in a hole or mess that is usually extremely painful and traumatic).

7.  Hoovering (they try to seduce you back to feed their ego with complete lies, its only to boost their healing and energy kind of like a vampire and suck you back in only to do the same things again but worse).

8.  Then if that fails be prepared for the smear campaign (blatant lies, whatever they did to you they will lie and turn it around like you did it to them, posting your address on-line or worse private information about you that you confided in them, anything to ruin you, incriminate you or humiliate, manipulate and control you).

There is no help for them.  They can't change.  They need exorcising and this is no joke.  They are demonic.

You must lock the door on them and move on possibly away if you can and never look back, go no contact and never ever defend yourself verbally, it makes you weak and you can't win.  Best to say nothing if possible or learn how to disarm them (see online videos).  

If you are unfortunate to have had kids with them and married for years you really are going to need help, I suggest seeking mental health guidance from a qualified person but try to find someone who is very spiritual and knows about demonic attachments as this is a very, very common to experience from this agenda.  They are evil spirited empty soulless portals.

I also suggest you then seek biblical council for healing there are many self help videos on the net.  These are demons that cause you to sin.  They create soul ties, this is a very real thing.  Sexually transmitted demons are a real thing.  Days of sleeping around are over.  

They are usually skilled in the occult and the dark arts and do use black magick on you that is another reason why you really must seek biblical guidance.



These and other sites can be found for free on You (Facist) Tube.

These creatures mean business and if you are stupid enough to allow them in they will destroy you and ruin you causing you to have CPTSD and trauma, or worse kill you or traffic you, drug you, all kinds of craziness these wounds may never heal could take years to fix or worse may never, they have been known to snap and kill.  

Soul ties take serious work to break, this is spiritual warfare.  You would have most likely picked up a few spirits and believe me when you rid them if you mess up again they will come back with 7 more stronger than before.  This is as real as a heart attack.  Please be careful who you trust and allow into your bed and lives.  

God is watching and they know it.  They don't win in the end but for now they run things here and this is their domain.  

The devils will never come to you as red horned demons they come as handsome or beautiful people, tempting you, roaming around seeing whom they may devour.  

Any questions let me know?

Have a blessed day!! Gods blessings.

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Murder over Mohammed.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Sunday, 18 Oct 2020, 15:35

AngelToday an 18 year old Islamic in France beheaded a 47 year old History teacher and posted his severed head on his twitter feed.

Woah, what kind of demonic attachments must he have to do that to someone who was teaching a class about spiritual diversity and using cartoons to do so?

I do believe that everyone should respect one another and their belief and culture but seriously, what kind of world are we living in that this is happening more and more?

This is a spirit of hate, anger and a strongman, jezebel is a spirit of murder.  It can enter a person in a fit of rage and anger, by way of excessive drugs and alcohol and this sort of thing, that leaves holes in your ethereal aura and leave you open to obsession not possession, two different things, 4 stages, anyway, attachments is what they are.  (I'll try to keep it simple not trying to confuse anyone). 

If you or anyone you know is exhibiting any sort of violence and rage it is possible that they are afflicted and may need to be cleansed of this evil attachment.

Not all university teachings are well received but are they that offensive that it is worth killing someone over?  

Prayers being sent to the family of the teacher.

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Demons vs Strongholds.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Saturday, 24 Oct 2020, 15:24

Familiar SpiritsDemons aren't everything.  The strongholds, familiar spirits in our lives can be equally limiting and damaging.  

Are you winning or losing the battle against familiar spirits?  BITTERNESS and ANGER will forever keep you stuck, no matter the injustice of others especially your parents if you can't find a way to release them both you will always be stuck.

Find the forgiveness any way you can.  Start by forgiving yourself and work from there, yes, it is one of the hardest things ever but you must find a way if you want to be free and happy and have good relations with others. (This is a note for me) I struggle.  

I want to be soft and gentle and not react with vengeance when attacked as a result of years of abuse and struggle as a reaction.  The familiar spirit of anger and resentment knows you and all of your ways.  Your enemies win if you allow that to happen.  Do you want to be a loser or a champion?

The Father/Son love you and by believing that, it will nourish and heal your Holy Spirit.  The only way to cast out these familiars or strongholds is through Gods word and help.

God is so good, He always finds a way.  His miracles are everywhere and I am so grateful for all the help and guidance.  None of us is worthy but He never gives up on us.  He is EVERYTHING.

Some wise words from Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak 'Our mindset about money by being selfish will keep you forever poor & 'new decisions bring about new changes in life, not time.''  

Thanks for reading.  Have a super blessed day!! 

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Sunday, 18 Oct 2020, 13:08


I really hope he wins.  I am also hoping that my ballots have made there way to the correct place and have been counted?  My vote could totally sway the whole election. lol  

For all his faults the good this man is doing is TREMENDOUS lol, with regards to looking after the vets and military families, child/human trafficking, jobs and the economy not to mention the good of the church.

MAGA 2020 

Why is he going to win you say?  Because he has 20/20 vision lol. 

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Saving Grace.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Saturday, 17 Oct 2020, 19:00

Studying a Theology Course alongside my degree is helping me immensely to keep myself grounded and not allowing the liberal content brainwash me further.

I want to know all sides and be able to to make a choice that best suits me in the end, after all its only my soul that I stand to lose.

If more people were more concerned with the things not of this world and knowing the potential pitfalls that are all around them and trying to ruin them they would surely think differently.

I pray that legions of good angels come warring with flaming swords and Holy Fire to destroy our enemies!

In Jesus name. 

(Jupiter/Zues/Amen Ra) smile All praise goes to Him. 

Ps, if anyone is struggling with their spirituality or needs any advice or help I would be more than willing to talk with you.   

Blessed be. 

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Philosophy, Religion and Liberty.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Sunday, 18 Oct 2020, 19:29

Hello Everyone!

What a time and age we are living in.  With increased poverty looming, a great depression, possible economic collapse, plagues, food shortages, depression/anxiety and suicidal rates on the rise, race wars, iconoclasm, its literally straight out of the Arts and Humanities curriculum, what isn't there to be joyful and optimistic about?  Seems like the perfect time to hit the books lol. 

Here I am again to discover more about what I am actually dealing with and what I can expect from a more academic point of view.  They may reign on this earth but not in the afterlife, so I think I am good with who I am, what I believe and where I am going.  We all end up going one day so may as well stand for something or you'll fall for anything.  

Disclaimer, I mean what I say and say what I mean and until freedom of speech is made illegal I shall say what I want.  This is my own personal blog and if you don't like what I have to say don't read it and move on to something else.

If I am honest, I already have a PhD in Life so this is really just filling in the gaps and pieces to the giant puzzle called life, academics is a totally different perspective and I am enjoying what I am learning thus far, it's going to make me that much better qualified hopefully.  I am at the point that I just want to learn as much as I can so I am no longer anyone else's footstool, it will be the other way around let me assure you.

Not long now until Trump wins again, lol, I can't wait to see how next year becomes more awful than this.  My advice is stock up on the necessities and medicines and invest in some good books, I would highly recommend The Holy Bible.  

The only Liberty that I am onboard with is the Liberty of Conscience.  People should be able to make up their own minds, especially in regards to religious or moral matters.  'Liberals', have perverted the meaning of the that word by being for socialism? I don't get it. I think left wing right wing same chicken, so we're damned if we do and damned if we don't.  I have a love, hate relationship with politics. The powers that be should never of mixed religion with politics. 

I think that a New World Order could be good thing if it were possible to agree on the greater good for man-kind but its always the very wealthy who make those decisions and the rest of us peasants have to follow suit if we want to survive.  

The Lord didn't scatter people and make them speak different languages for no reason.  He was not best pleased that the way they were worshipping by trying to build a stairway to heaven.  I think we should all be allowed to live in our own principalities and have our own traditions and beliefs and that if God wanted us all to be a one world order surely He would of made it that way not man?

I don't like any of this one bit, but I realize that I am a nobody with no platform and not even with the piece of paper that says I can write a damn good essay and argue a point and that makes me so wise and scholarly.

Incidentally, I have since quit all social media as I find it pointless.  If you can't speak your mind or have an opinion that isn't allowed what is the point again?  Because I speak a truth that doesn't conform to the norm like other truthers they constantly shut me down.  I must be doing or saying something right, think about it.  I wish the enemy would stop hiding behind IT and vehicles and meet me face to face, why hide if you're so amazing?  I see you anyway, you can't hide from us.

I am a winner and I will be victorious. I don't live for anyone else but myself and for God.  The darkness is always the loudest, while the light is like the glimmer of a well burnt out candle, a distant voice that is not all that convincing, yet I still try to keep my focus on that and try to keep blinkered and not lose focus of what is right when what is wrong is everywhere and so easily accessible. 

I know that some of my spiritual teachers must be loving it when I fall on my face and fail.  We'll, you are entitled to your faulty perception of me but your feelings or opinions of me are of no consequence to me either. I am totally apathetic to it all at this point.  Stoicism is my middle name.  I am right here. 

Lord I ask that you would please send me someone who is greater than I to cry to.  Someone who is wiser and knows more and is already accomplished.  I need help.

Teach me something I don't already know. 

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Great Customer Service from the OU

Visible to anyone in the world

Thanks Michael!

You called me and helped allay any anxiety and confusion that I had with choosing my course pathway.  I have decided not to continue with Cultures A112.  Any Curriculum with Beyonce in it is a definite no for me.  

I really like Michael, he knows what he's talking about and he is very helpful and explains things well.  I appreciated his time and efforts.

So far today is going well! Let's hope I haven't spoken too soon?

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Are you a thought criminal?

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Wednesday, 26 Aug 2020, 16:07

Hey everyone!  I hope this finds you all well?  Grab yourself drink and settle in as I paint a sordid picture of our virtual reality that is spilling over into everyday life and changing the world right before our very eyes.

I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who seems to be silenced constantly on social media?  I am referring to socialist facist book, only because that is the only outlet I am on currently and yes I am in facist book jail yet again!

I have literally spent nearly two months in jail for voicing my opinions about the Chinese people especially since they dropped their bio weapon Covid 2020 on the world with the help of the liberal party of course, thanks Pelosi you pos.  You can't say they are horrible people without getting banned for twenty eight days, but you can call someone a see you next Tuesday, or an array of explicit words with no troubles at all, go figure.

Now if you are a Christian and on their sh*t list your IP address will be banned with no warning.  Has happened to me and countless others.  They want to know who you are.  They are counting on you to follow their demands and giving over your photo ID, so they can further harass you I suppose.  Don't fall for this stuff guys.

Anyway, I wanted to show the double standards of what is happening to the population through my own experience.  In the past seven years I have had about seven profiles, averaging about one a year.  The first three were hacked around the November 2016 elections as I was residing the US at that time.  They successfully took over mine because I have always been a Conservative and was targeted by a hate group in the FOX Chat rooms praising Trump as they were having their usual meltdown to Trumps win like snowflakes do. 

Consequently as a result over the past 6 years, I have experienced everything from threats on my life, approached by Antifa themselves whom I blocked immediately only to discover that they have hijacked my feed.  

For example, and this is some of the worst, everything ranging from snuff films, to horrific animal cruelty, people having sex with animals, advertisements for the most bizarre content ranging from insane asylums to sex toys and attire for transgender people, to bird beak face masks for Covid and all sorts of weird sh*t that you'd expect to find in a circus and with no way of reporting them or even blocking them as they occur.  They are literally missing the three black dots to the drop down menu to get rid of them, report them, or stop the posts from happening so you are forced to look at them.

Picture the facist book police sitting at their desks in the valley with you on their shit list (or me in this case).  The flying monkeys then proceed to follow your every move, it doesn't matter what you comment on and doesn't matter if its a non threatening comment either, just a normal comment will result in a hateful response from some random to purposely gaslight you and if you respond they ban you.  Never mind if other people prior or even after you have used the exact same words as you to the exact same comment and they are they are left alone.

I have also noticed them targeting people including myself in spiritual groups in particular, mainly those that are for people who are not for the liberal agenda or any place really that they can target people who think opposite to them.

They even infiltrated every single group page I joined or liked and proceeded to attack me with such vitriol over a period of time until in the end I was forced to delete them all to stop the attacks.  They want to keep you small and quiet as well as to intimidate you and through threats on your life by putting up pictures under your comments of cut car breaks and things of this manner.  Facistbook are terrorizing the general population in the US terribly and have been at it since 2016 elections.  I sometimes wonder if the government agencies aren't involved?

Who are they you ask?  They are usually Luciferian or Satanists, Antifa but mostly they are just socialist and liberal low life pos.

The battle and war that has been waged on peoples consciousness and is on another level and is only getting worse and morphing into different ways of attack.  

This is WW3 folks, spiritual war.

*Gaslighting, The rise of the narcissist.

*Silencing/group harassment.

*Targeting Individuals. 

*Certain satanic agendas like the Twin Flame or New Age.

The University seem to be brainwashing your kids too I hate to say, its right there in the curriculum, especially in the new books for Arts and Humanities. 

I would also like to express my appreciation to the following hero's, Icke, Snowden, Assange, Robinson all of whom have been silenced for speaking their truth.  Someone spoke their truth and its not welcome, much like in group tutorials here at the OU. 

Get ready for communism and welcome to the NWO or what is now known as the deep state.

Vote Conservative.

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Visible to anyone in the world
Edited by Sarah Cox, Friday, 16 Oct 2020, 19:07

Due to my unfortunate experience of being judged and made to feel very unwelcome by both tutor and student on social media platforms such as facist book but mostly in the group online tutorials and this is providing they don't purposely fail me because I am not one of them, then I will NOT be participating in any more online tutorials from this point forward.  I may turn up to listen because after all I am paying for this education, but please don't speak to me or expect me to respond you, will be met with crickets.

I thought this was going to be a pleasure and its turning into a nightmare.  I just wanted the degree to better myself, but not all this judgement and ridicule and humiliation that goes along with that thanks.

I will have my opinions, I wont be made to follow along just to suit others. Not going to happen.

One person can't fight against the whole world, I feel your pain Donald Trump.

Trump 2020

Ps.  If you enjoy being poor vote liberal.

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Being compared.

Visible to anyone in the world
Edited by Sarah Cox, Saturday, 17 Oct 2020, 02:09

Hi, so I hope you have your coffee or tea at the ready because you're going to enjoy this post hopefully?

This Saturday 1st, August 2020, I spent the day from 10:30 am through till about 3:30 pm participating in an online day tutorial for the final parts of this module. Working through a book called 'Crossing Boundaries.'  

Yes, boundaries have certainly been crossed between myself and with the OU and some of the rude and blatant racist remarks I've encountered from both student and teacher.

Apparently, you are NOT allowed to be conservative and have a different point of view and God forbid you do or even vocalize your opinions you will be met with vitriol and passive aggressive digs and frost.  I was even compared to a Philosopher who we studied by the name of Hume as a White Supremacist and racist because I said I resonated with his philosophies by one of the tutors in front of the group yet again, and of course they never record the chats when they decide that they are going to rub it in your face about how liberal they are.

The book 'Crossing Boundaries' 4 out of the 6 chapters is about black culture.  Black plays, black music, black art, black protests in history and the last two chapters are about new age agenda Buddhism and Compassion.  

So if you have zero interest in the first four chapters you're only left with the latter two, you really are going to be glad when the book is finished.  

I feel I may have made a huge mistake going forward into Cultures but hoping to change now, this is because for the same reason the author of these publications and University books thought it okay to write in Beyonce?  I mean really? Is this for real? lol, she is what we call in America a hood rat and a bruha.

I cant deal with this new age agenda non stop being rammed down my throat with the television and through all media outlets to then have to study this subject along side with it I am so over it!

Let me spell it out to you all.  Read this and weep. 

I am a patriot, I am white and proud, I am a Christian with pagan ways lol but I am also Conservative.  So if that means I can't study the things that interest me without being bombarded with white hate and Christophobia, then I think I will pass thanks.

It would appear we have completely opposing points of views, morals on just about everything.  I am very sad and disappointed to be honest but what can one do, seems I am the minority yet again.  

If you are white, we are in trouble, don't you see what they are doing?  The picture on the back of this book in question says everything really about BLM, who to me are nothing but a bunch of terrorists.



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Beyonce strikes again.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Monday, 3 Aug 2020, 14:00

Every day on MSN I am bombarded with the push of racism coming from puppets of the BLM agenda, in particular Beyoncé. 



Do you think they are trying to take over?  Hard push towards a leftist agenda wouldn't you say?  

See the upcoming blog on the New World Order and the one world religion that goes along with that.  sad

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Conservative Parents

Visible to anyone in the world
Edited by Sarah Cox, Monday, 29 Jun 2020, 15:25

It has long been known that most all Universities world-wide are taught from a liberal point of view.  

If you want to see change, much like the BLM movement that we are currently experiencing now, with a push of iconoclasm towards yet even more liberal agendas then it starts with you.  You have to speak up and voice your opinions to the academic boards and faculty.

Did you know there is a whole chapter in Arts and Humanities on a black American singer named Beyoncé, my exact thoughts.  I mean you cant make this stuff up folks.  See my up and coming post on her.

Not so fun fact: current student/teacher ratio for every 1 Conservative there are approximately 50 Liberal students or tutors.

Be the change you want to see.  It starts at home.

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Visible to anyone in the world
Edited by Sarah Cox, Monday, 3 Aug 2020, 13:59

I have decided to call my blog spot Coffee for Conservatives. smile come join the conversation or listen to me ramble on about world affairs on just about anything.

Have a great day!

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Feeling dissatisfied.

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Edited by Sarah Cox, Monday, 3 Aug 2020, 13:58

So far since embarking on my degree, its been strikes followed by world wide pandemics resulting in there being hardly any help at all with technical issues or queries of any kind.  This is an online course of study, why would working from home make it any different?   

I find it very hard to believe that not most everyone on the staff doesn't own a phone whether it be a mobile or a landline that they cant work from home, isn't that what the government instructed workers to do if they can?  

The university services has spent more time at their homes than they have on the job than helping the PAYING students with their queries.  I have yet to attend one of the offered events due to these non stop distractions and cancellations. 

Instead, I have experienced nothing but generic emails that arrive 5/7 days after my initial enquiry that are of no help whatsoever and I had to literally figure technical issues out on my own and missed a chapter of the syllabi as a result.  Good thing I am pretty technically savvy, I may change to an IT degree instead.  tongueout

Meanwhile, I've just applied for another £3k to finance this... hoping that things improve?  

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Political preference?

Visible to anyone in the world
Edited by Sarah Cox, Monday, 3 Aug 2020, 14:01

Imagine being put on the spot and asked about your political preference in your 2nd ever tutorial that was being recorded live, with a room full of complete strangers?  You see, I am a dual citizen both British and American, perhaps the slight American accent gave it away. 

Anyway, you can imagine when put on the spot and questioned about what I thought of Trump and who I voted for, I was really uncomfortable and little angry I wont lie.  When I said I was conservative and voted for Trump and will again, the room went completely quiet.  I asked 'are you all liberal then' and they all responded 'yes', well, you could of cut through the atmosphere with a knife.  I was mortified, it felt like a complete set up to me.

One thing I was always taught in my successful career as a Hairstylist is to NEVER speak about religion, politics or sex with your clients in particular when it comes to these matters especially with the times we are living in being so tumultuous.  I just really wasn't expecting that and both students and tutor were speaking about Trump like he was lesser than, it really offended me.  

I am a patriot and come from a military background and he will have my vote every time.  I do realize I am the minority but hey, I have always gone against the grain and supported the under dog.  

Also, how do I know that I am now not being judged now because of this and my worked being marked because of that prejudice?  

I guess I will have to wait and see.  

Trump 2020!

Disgruntled. blush

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LGTBQ Agenda is offensive!

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Every time I go to click on my home page I am met with articles on gay pride and LGTBQ information, to which I am most offended and don't wish to have to look at this stuff when I go about my studies.  Does this bother anyone else?  

I do know gays and transgender people and I am friendly with them they are simply nice people, but why are we constantly being bombarded with their agenda to which I see nothing on mine?  

I mean seriously, cant you keep your personal life behind closed doors where it belongs and stop bringing it to the forefront of society.  I have a problem with that, it doesn't seem fair game to me.

Genesis 19:1-11

Leviticus 18-22

Leviticus 20:13

Judges 19:16-24

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Why are University Degrees Liberal?

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Can anyone please explain to me why all Universities and their syllabi are from a liberal point of view? thoughtful

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