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There is so much bullshit in my life. 

But I'm beginning to suspect that my life is a simulation. My life is too perfect. 

It would be easy to dupe a man into believing he's travelled in time. 

I don't know where I'm going with this blog. 

I feel like my life is heaven. Like, when you die, you come into my life; you come into Daniel Best. 

Here, in this life, I could be the messiah. I could. I could work it out. 

I'm really an alien. 

I can say these things because I'm a well known schizophrenic. 

But if I died, I'd see reality. It's a simulation. 

I believe, in order for me to die I have to kill myself. It's sad, I know. God ain't gonna kill me. 

That's the blog. 

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