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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 16 Sept 2019, 15:18

Something going wrong frustrates many, is the digital way of life to others. I fall somewhere between the two depending on my mood. Why, oh why, having successfully done something last week will it not work this week?

I'm MAC not PC born. So I struggle with the constant trips and lack of intuativity that I feel comes with a PC.

These photographs would be on, are on my MAC at home. I take a pic on my iPhone, iPad or Sony DSL and that's where they end up. 


At college they have to be imported onto the network via the camera disc and a cable. Today PC Photos doesn't like what I have to offer. I am expecting to import RAW photos to colour correct on Adobe Lightroom. I can neither import them, nor open Adobe Lightroom.

A challenge for another day. 

For someone the fix will be obvious. Who to ask? Google doesn't want to help me. Google the problem and you just get flogged an App that will be a panacea for all your problems. 

Any suggestions out there? 

I can see I'll be taking this home with me - get them on my iMac at home that drop them into my college Google Photos album to make use of tomorrow. 


I just opened Google Photos and uploaded there. I'll make do of the editing tool there for now. I don't need to do anything fancy via Adobe Lightroom with these.

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