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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 11 Mar 2011, 07:49

Getting to Liverpool from Sussex is not as easy as a trip to London.

I wonder what other impacts on attendance there will be; £50 charge for everyone, £500 for corporates ... which rather suggests that NO ONE from industry is welcome, which strikes me as short sighted given that these people are the future employers of graduates and by default the paymaster for the Tertiary Institutions, directly so if they sponsor a chair or pay bursaries to students.



I'll be along to this seminar and have already been in touch.

I grab it here more because of the gorgeous graphics. When images of every kind are forever popping up infront of my eyes on numerous screens (typically three) it is refreshing to find something that achieves its goal of grabbing the eye and appealing to that there is design consistency throughout the site - you start to feel you belong to landscape, that you've entered a well-loved garden.

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