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Opening slide introducing a short lesson on planning meals for a competitive age group swimmer.

Two minutes into my micro-teach I realised that I was trying to cram 45 minutes to an hour into 15 minutes. I really like the first speaker who was relaxed, set a simple task, got feed back and fed us some knowledge and had moments to spare.

I rattle through some of the slides.

Something I would never have done professionally when I have written scripts: 2 to 3 minutes per slides would have meant 5 slides not 26 !!!

I thought that I could have addressed one element of nutrition, say carbohydrates. Actually I could have taken out the opener, driven it with the hand actions related to swim coaching.

This is what I am talking about > PGCE MSM Optimal Nutrition 

I have full notes from the feedback part of the session and three written reports too.

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