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B822 Techniques Library: Keeping a Dream Diary / Working with Dreams

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 24 Jan 2012, 20:47

After several weeks of trying to use a dream to solve a problem I gave up, and promplty took the mess of a database of video clips that was troubling me and came up with the idea of turning every clip into a Top Trumps Card.

Punk Rock People Management


DESCRIPTION: The colourful OU MBA graduate Peter Cook demonstrates his approach to presentations and problem solving in this engaging interview on his experience of the OU MBA.

A video clip expressed as a Top Trumps Card.

During the course of the days I've done some 60 of these and have another 50 to complete. There are analytics to track down (and to track). I'd prefer to have the clips viewed by 1000+ people and for their ratings to count rather than mine.

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Peter Cook - Rock n Roll Punk Creative Inspirational Consultant Conference Speaker Moderator

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 24 Dec 2011, 08:35


'One of our colleagues regularly uses popular music in the successful management development sessions he runs, drawing on this rich seam of popular culture for memorable metaphors and thinking tools. Shared music making also features in his creativity, team development and problem-solving sessions'. Henry et al. (2010:89)

I came across this in the B822 Block 2 Resources book 'Managing Problems Creatively'.

I'm certain this refers to Peter Cook, the OU Business School MBA Alumnus I interviewed outside Dingwalls at Camden Lock at the end of October. You can follow him in various places. I like his attack and conviction and how it makes what could be inordinately dull, memorable and fun.

His interview.


Henry, J., Mayle, D., Bell, R., Carlisle, Y. Managing Problems Creatively (3rd edn) 2010. The Open University.

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