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Forever curious and soon armed as the flood waters approach

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Thursday, 18 Oct 2012, 10:24


Fig. 1. The highest tide in a decade at Piddinghoe Village, East Sussex with the chance of worse in 12 hours time as storm clouds brew at the mouth of the River Ouse.

We live in Lewes.

A friend has a son christened Noah, born this October 11 years ago the day when we woke up to water on the door step. We were lucky, the view down the road looked interesting - the railway line to London was like a canal for toy boats.

I'd just taken the above picture when I was approached by someone in a flourescent jacket from Lewes Council keen for a record of how high the tide had reached and relieved when I pointed to a plank of wood in the river that had paused and was now heading back out to sea ... as if someone had just pulled the plug out of a huge bath.


  • Storm Surge
  • Spring High Tide
  • Terrible Weather
  • Wind Direction
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