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Casual Litter Picking Reveals a Trend

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Feeling a certain civic pride and duty as a Town councillor I know pick up litter when out walking or running. There is a pattern: takeaways, plastic bottles and untouchables. I don't pick up used tissues! 

In Lewes, until recently, we had none of the take away chains - yet I find Macdonald's milk shake cups, bags and happy meals. We recently had a Subway open and within a 5 to 10 minute walk from their outlet in all directions you can now find a wrapper or coffee cup.

Then there are the plastic bottles.

If we are banning plastic bags, then why not plastic bottles? The town has plans to reinstate water fountains and to add others.

I would oblige take away outlets to at least have promotional advertising on 'Littering' in the outlet, and potentially on the offending litter.

'Please put me in a bin'

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