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H880 new beginnings

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First reflective activity in H880.

(It's reflexive really wink)

‘How has my understanding of technology-enhanced learning changed during Week 1?’

Hmmm thoughtful, I think I prob had a fairly advanced understanding already.

Begin by making ‘What happened’ notes, using the following questions to help you.

What did you do this week that had a bearing on your understanding of TEL? Include any salient feelings, thoughts, events or features.

  • Watched the Nelson video. He was both optimistic and wanting to rein in over-enthusiasm about the potential of technology.

Did your understanding of TEL change or deepen, or did your week’s study reinforce your previous ideas?

  • Reinforce

Now make ‘So what?’ notes, using these questions to help you.

  •     Which were the important moments that changed, deepened or reinforced your understanding?
    • Chatting with fellow students
  •     Why did they have this effect?
    • Made me think through my ideas and theirs. Their ideas helped inform and writing mine out helped clarify my thinking.
  •     What made them so important?
    • Well, they weren't that important big grin

Finally, make ‘What next?’ notes, using this question to help you.

    How will your understanding of TEL influence your practice or your studies?

I shall write up my account of teaching referencing approve

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