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When you think you are winning

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Couple of days have passed since my last post and while I left my last post in a happy place, it has since been swiped away by the introduction of factorising expressions, multiplying out brackets and algebra. 
I though I was getting somewhere, but now just adding another concept to it has thrown me again. 

My nemesis from my GCSE days has returned to haunt me from almost 20 years ago. 
Despite this, I'm trying to keep my head up and continuing to ensure I make time for revision and practice. 

Weekend birthday celebrations came and went and we are gearing up for my eldest birthday this weekend. MORE CAKE! 
More cake and lack of exercise - not a good combo. Worse still lack of study time this weekend again. But it ok, still got my nose ahead and I have planned the next few weeks out (hopefully perfectly) to be able to spend a solid week and few days manipulating my second TMA into something worth a decent mark. 

Also in the news this week, I'm a celebrity has returned, filmed in my home country of Wales. Never really watched it when it was in Australia but for some reason the location and the celebs seem to appeal to me this year. Although I must admit there are times when it is such a slow moving programme. 
Last night was a big footie match between Wales and Finland, couldn't help myself flicking back and forth between the 2 programmes. Wales are playing so well (more that what I can say about our rugby team at the moment). A decent 3-1 win for the Welsh and a move to the top of the group. 
However, this weekend sees Wales take on Georgia in the rugby. I swear, the way they been playing I'm not keeping my hopes up despite it should be a win for us. I will still be supporting the boys as rugby rules! Wishing them luck. 

Right back to it, to fry more of my brain cells with the ever so exciting algebra. 
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Christine Selby

Slipping away

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:46

Today was the first day I realised just how difficult (and frustrating) studying remotely can be. 

My first tutorial booked and I was feeling excited. Time booked 13:00 - 15:00

Went for a walk with the kids and pony this morning while hubby was in work then had Had help him and family with a bit of logging until 12:00. Enough time for lunch and getting myself set up online ready. 

Well, as you can imagine it went Tits up. Was anxious to leave the logging but ended up having to bring the youngest home with me. Praying he would sleep on way home after a busy morning. Did he hell. Hubby didnt get back until 13:20. Missed the beginning and then to top it off, when I turned the computer on it took a further 20 mins completing updates. 

I was so angry and annoyed and frustrated. Hubby knew I had this tutorial booked. Now I feel my excellent headway and pace I gathered at the beginning Is slipping away. Still a week ahead. Jut saw Ned to write up final draft of TMA. I was hoping to have been done with that today. Then tomorow I could concentrate on the maths. 

All I can say is thank god that I Am fortunate enough to work in education and now have 2 weeks half term To get TMA, iCMA and get myself a few weeks ahead in preparation for TMA 02. 

C'mon! You still got this. Knuckle down tomorow and get it done. 

Bit shit I may have to give my cycling a miss to get this TMA done - but I guess I better get accustomed to this for the next few years. 


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Christine Selby

Actively frustrated and feeling lost

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:45

The weekend has once again flown by. The crappy weather didn’t help. 🌧

Got some good bit of studying done, but I am severely actively frustrated. I.e: I haven’t run, cycled, hikes or ridden a horse all week ☹️ Managed to get to rugby training though in the rain and mud and thoroughly enjoyed it. 🏉 Sluggish in the morning when I should be going for my runs, weather not helping matters. 

Must try harder this week or I will slip into worse bad habit. I can’t not do exercise. 😬 love food way too much! 

The evening drew in and I found myself abandoning the sanctuary of my office and dedicated study area to the bedroom with my T192 book and a glass of red just to get away for the noisy kids. 😫 They are driving me insane this evening. Can’t get peace to read in this house sometimes. 

Still Feeling a bit lost as my first TMA submission date is drawing ever closer. 

Still unsure of how to set things out, the depth of knowledge/research required and to successfully get a decent mark. I just want to do well regardless if this TMA doesn’t count towards my final grades - at least I know what I’m doing to an extent. 

But that the joys of studying at home with a family.  

Onward and upwards 

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