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The end has come

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I have not posted anything here since before Christmas. Despite trying to keep it updated - Blogs are not my thing, but I gave it a go. 

Since Christmas I have been working more teaching my groups from Primary school online due to that dreaded Covid and another lockdown. Life in general has been full on again. Too much work and too little exercise. And this damn weather is not helping one bit. 

Today is March 10th - My final TMA has gone in and I have one iCMA to complete (even though I don't have to do it due to my decent scores on others) - i will still take the maths practice an day. 

There is still no sporting events happening - but on a good note - School is back for my boys Monday. Yey! Hopefully that will be the end of home schooling now. I cant take it anymore. 

Heard today that I have been tasked to take a group of year 3 boys to complete a Minecraft project for a competition. I can't believe it - I get to go to work and play Minecraft 3 days a week. WHHHHAAAT! 

And so with my final module TMA in and all study weeks complete I bid T192 farewell and prepare myself to move onto T193. 

Its been an experience since I first started out but feeling good about it and hoping for a decent final mark that could potentially give me a decent pass mark for this module. It is going to be a long wait for the final results. 

Until I get my results I'm taking a few weeks off to recharge and let it all sink in. 

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Looking forward to Part 2

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Well I been working my way through reflection week and got given an insight into Part 2 and I’m sooooo excited!!! 

Part 2 is design and I am in my element with the activities I have coming up after Christmas. 😬 

So excited to put pencil to paper and get drawing. Been introduced to the Open Engineering Studio and seen some amazing pieces of work by other students. 

While I am having some time home doing all this work for my course - it’s dawned on me I am Half way through week 2 of self isolation and I will be returning to work next Tuesday. Bit nervous about it - going back for 3 days before Xmas with COVID floating in the area. I’m tempted to be suited and booted ready for it. Ha ha 

Well onward and looking forward to the next chapter 

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Actively frustrated and feeling lost

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:45

The weekend has once again flown by. The crappy weather didn’t help. 🌧

Got some good bit of studying done, but I am severely actively frustrated. I.e: I haven’t run, cycled, hikes or ridden a horse all week ☹️ Managed to get to rugby training though in the rain and mud and thoroughly enjoyed it. 🏉 Sluggish in the morning when I should be going for my runs, weather not helping matters. 

Must try harder this week or I will slip into worse bad habit. I can’t not do exercise. 😬 love food way too much! 

The evening drew in and I found myself abandoning the sanctuary of my office and dedicated study area to the bedroom with my T192 book and a glass of red just to get away for the noisy kids. 😫 They are driving me insane this evening. Can’t get peace to read in this house sometimes. 

Still Feeling a bit lost as my first TMA submission date is drawing ever closer. 

Still unsure of how to set things out, the depth of knowledge/research required and to successfully get a decent mark. I just want to do well regardless if this TMA doesn’t count towards my final grades - at least I know what I’m doing to an extent. 

But that the joys of studying at home with a family.  

Onward and upwards 

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Making good progress

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:45
Week 1, Day 2

Its a rainy horrid day and kids are in more than out. OMG save me now. 

Couldn't resist uploading my Week 1 chapter 1 activity answers to my learning log. I find it odd not having a record of them nicely typed up. 
Making good progress and moving onto week 3 already. 
Completed the practice quizzes and nailed them. Although Week 2 did have some guesses. 

Note to self: Must revisit and study up on fractions. sleepy

At least I have found my first major weakness. 

Well onwards an upwards. Tuning off for today after a late session last night. 

Still haven't managed to get to any of the fresher week activities. 
Hope I can meet some people during week 2. 

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