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Getting back into it

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Wooo feeling good this weekend. 

Managed to get out on the bike for a good few miles Friday and Today. 
Fresh and much needed. Still, doesn't help me consolidate my maths but all I could think of was all things engineering while out. Thinking about how the little cogs and shifters work, thinking about how many joules of energy burnt, how much wattage I'm producing. 

Moving on this week with studies and being back in work. Lockdown almost over again. 

Hope I can keep this momentum up. 

Nice glass of red with a beef dinner tonight and a close on the study time in exchange for family time. 

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Keeping myself sane

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:43

Here again, pondering about what the next few years will bring and what possible changes I have in store for my life. 

Managed to get out to join a group of runners last night to think about something other than my degree start date. Feeling good to be able to run with others rather than myself. (too much alone thinking time when I solo)

The dates are counting down and managed to get a little reading done, but still getting my head round the best way to approach studying. There is the way I think it will work, then there are the suggestions from OU and other ideas from others. Mind blown - haven't even got stuck in properly yet. 

Well off to work for me today....hope to get some hours in this evening. 

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