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Edited by Barbara Clough, Thursday, 8 July 2021, 01:58

During the pandemic, like so many other people, I gained far too much weight. So on January 16, I just decided i was done with that, and gym or no gym, diet and exercise was what was called for. I've been back at CrossFit now four days a week. I'd go more, but both time and frankly, wear and tear on my body are too much. On the non-CrossFit days, I bike or sail or walk. Something that doesn't involved throwing loaded barbells around. 

Today was simply a sweat WOD. New England, for about 20 days a year, has sublime weather. The days are in the 70s or 80s with sunshine and an occasional wispy cloud to add variety to the azure sky. The humidity is low so even if you're at the box, you're in dry clothes.

Today was not that day. The humidity has been brutal; the step outside automatically break into a sweat. The rubber mats that cover the concrete in the gym are so slick with the sticky moisture, I need to put a yoga matt down. But then I think of all the other sweaty bodies that have done that today. I'm willing to trade stability for sanitation. I was trying to do burpees but the moisture was so slick my feed were sliding out from under me.

Today we did a very short WOD, partly because the heat (90 degrees) and humidity (about 90%) take so much out of me. I find my heart racing, my ability to take a deep breath impeded because I'm sucking in steamy air. But I got through the WOD: Fran 21-15-9, pulls ups, thrusters. I took it easy, took my time, sweated out about a gallon of water. And now I am home, in my desperately air conditioned house, drinking pink gatorade, and listening to the storms moving through that will break this swampy spell.

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