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I know nobody really looks at blogs anymore. Least of all someone who is only writing about his early steps into Uni study but I do like coming here after a good study session and writing down some thoughts.

So far the biggest thing go learn is that Notes are really important. They said as much at the start of my access module. They say to have a 'study notebook' in whichever form that might take.

Finding typing faster and easier than using pen an paper I duly set up a word document to act as my notebook, complete with automatically generating table of contents because I'm a bit of geek like that.

But now as I'm starting my first assignments where notes are useful not just for getting the basic information from the source but also for structuring my assignment I have realised that I process the information  much better when I take pen to paper.

What's more, for me I find presenting those notes in some sort of graphical way (like a mind map) much better for me when looking back over.

The OU website does have a great section on notes and the different methods that can be used so if you do happen to be a newbie passing through it might be worth taking a look at it.

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