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L101 tutor briefing

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I spent yesterday at the tutor briefing for the new course "Introducing English Language Studies" (L101).  It looks like a very interesting course to be working on with a wide range of materials and topic.

I like the variety of genres for assessment - tutor group forum postings for TMA 1, presentation slides and script for TMA 2, a commentary for TMA 3 and an essay for TMA 4.  This should help to raise awareness of the wide range of different uses and style of language even if they are all in an "academic context".

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Word limits

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Few issues seem to cause more angst among some students than the issue of word counts.

Some modules have assignments that state "a maximum of X words" or "write no more than X words" but students still tend to ask if they can have 10% extra.  Some seem surprised when I say that the words "maximum" and "no more than..." mean what they say.

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first assignment for E852

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Edited by Patrick Andrews, Friday, 6 Jan 2012, 10:57

I have just finished marking the first assignments for E852.  Most students did well, probably most did better than those writing the first assignments for E844 used to.  Perhaps the three part structure helped and it also seems that more people are coming on to this course having had experience of previous Masters modules.

The more I look at the E852, the better I think the course is.  There are some great readings coming up as well.

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