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Scaffolding on a pre-sessional EAP course

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I am currently doing some teaching on a presessional course at the University of Warwick.  My work involves teaching "text based classes" (i.e. developing reading and writing skills in an integrated way) to students about to start on a Masters in Supply Chain Management.

They seem to be able to follow my classes so I was surprised when they struggled with a plenary lecture on quality in business.  I thought that the topic was reasonably familiar and the lecture seemed clear to me.  However, the lecturer did not use much visual support (my classes have the support of texts that students are reading as well as the tasks I set that aim to scaffold them).  It makes me think that they find listening very challenging unless they have scaffolding in terms of:

- visual support
- content that is very specific to their speciality
- a clear lead in.

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