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Edited by Sam Marshall, Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012, 14:37

Any MySQL + Moodle experts out there?

Somebody's reported a problem with ForumNG on Moodle 2.x, and I believe it's likely a MySQL problem. There is a really complicated query with several subqueries and the database error is something about f.id not existing (which it blatantly does).


If anybody fancies installing ForumNG on their Moodle 2.x/MySQL test system, please let me know in the above tracker issue (a) if it works/fails for you (confirm version numbers please?), or (b) if you can tell me what's wrong with MySQL and/or my query, and what I could change to make it work.

I do not currently have a MySQL test install so I would prefer 'I have tried this and it fixes it' type answers rather than 'You could try this, it might fix it...' smile

I did already look at the MySQL documentation because I know there is a hideous limitation in a slightly similar situation (if you have subqueries in a DELETE, they can't refer to the table you're deleting from? Something like that), but I didn't find anything that obviously seemed to apply to this.

(I've disabled comments on this blog post, please add suggestions directly to the tracker issue.)

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