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Conditional availability improvements

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Edited by Sam Marshall, Monday, 24 Mar 2014, 22:54

Oh dear, it's been a very long time since my last blog post!

This is about a new enhancement I've been working on, hopefully for Moodle 2.7, to the conditional activity availability / 'restrict access' system. Basically it's a new API and quite a large change. The key improvements to Moodle out of the box are:

  • Better user interface.
  • Conditions can now be combined using Boolean OR and NOT as well as AND.

I made a screencast to demonstrate the user interface which I have attached below. For best results, make the video full-screen. Also, for some reason I don't understand, it won't start playing until it downloads the whole thing - sorry about that. And finally... drat! It won't play on this page unless you have an OU student/staff login. If you don't, then please right click or otherwise download the link in order to save it to your computer / device and watch there. Sorry about that. (I should report that to someone...)

Screencast (20MB .mp4, 8 minutes)Video player: screencast-availability.mp4

This isn't quite finished yet but it's very very close (a few days) and I wanted to get it out there. smile

It isn't shown in the screencast because I wanted to concentrate on the UI but another key advantage is that you can add plugins if you want to make availability conditional on something else.

Finally just to make clear, this does replicate absolutely all the functionality of the existing interface - you might have noticed there's no button for user profile conditions, but that's only because I didn't finish the user interface for it yet. It will be there. smile

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