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I was at one day of the UK Moodle Moot conference this year. If anyone's interested in my presentation (which was about how to work with Moodle HQ), they've just published the video versions now.

Videos for all the presentations - mine is on day 2; you might also be interested in Anthony's presentation about mobile view, also on day 2. Tim's presentation isn't up yet, I guess something broke there.

The audio is really quiet on my presentation so you'll have to turn it up to max in a quiet room. It's surely worth the effort though as otherwise you will miss 17 minutes of brilliant aural gems like 'I think it's a good idea to write good code'. Exclusive!

If you do decide to miss that, you could also just look at the slides only.

Incidentally I just watched the presentation back; I think this is the first time I've seen me giving a presentation on video (I've heard recordings before but normally the video channel is just the slides; this time they're using some clever system that does both slides and video). I should probably not sway from side to side quite so much.

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