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It's slightly out of date browser stats time!

Here's our browser stats for the end of last month from our Moodle 1.9-based system (...this one!) which is responsible for the vast majority of our current course ('module') websites.

Oct 2011 browser stats (Google Docs)

This includes all off-campus access (so basically, all students and tutors, but not internal staff such as academics and me) during a week at the end of last month.

The counting method is based on page views not on individuals or IP addresses, so if you use a mobile phone to access the system occasionally, but you mainly use IE9, then (when combined with everyone else) these proportions will be replicated in the stats. And if you use the system a lot (maybe you're a very active student studying several courses) you will be counted more times than somebody who only checks their course homepage once a month.

If you saw the last lot, you might be interested as to why IE7 has dropped precipitously (from about 13% to about 6%). That's because there was an error in the stats program before and it was incorrectly counting IE8 and 9 users, who had selected compatibility view, as IE7 users. (Our site forces these browsers to behave as their real version, but the user agent still has the wrong one in. However there is a way to tell.) I recalculated the old numbers too and the trend graph shows the kind of gradual decline you'd expect.

Here's hoping most of the people who are genuinely still using IE7 get new computers for Christmas. smile

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