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Edited by Renu Bhandari, Monday, 12 Oct 2020, 10:35

As you start you new journey in the Open University, it is important that you know some useful tips and tricks that have been passed to me through student interaction and my practice of over 17 years with the Open University.

1.       Plan your time well ahead of the deadlines.

2.       Note the deadlines of the assessments in electronic diaries, calendar, desk top calendars for easy reminders and catch up.

3.       Draw on resources around – friends, family, partner and colleagues for support around the deadline dates of assessments.

4.        Talk to your tutors and read the assessment guidance carefully before attempting any assessment.

5. Try to attend as many tutorials as possible. You can attend any tutorials not just the tutorials run by your own tutor. 

6.       Forming support groups in social media is good however, it is important that you follow the advice set in the assessment guide and the course pages carefully. The ONLY monitored forums are the ones on the Open University course websites.

7.       For students attempting two modules together, it is advisable to keep the overlapping deadlines in the planning and time management.

8.       “I CAN DO IT” should be your driving motto.

9.      The Open University is distance learning however, the help and support is not "distant". Your tutor can support you for all academic queries, Student support teams for all student and loan and study related issues and the IT helpdesk for IT issues. All you need to do is reach out for support!

10.       Create a buffer of study reading and activities if you have time. This is a good way to ease pressure on yourself. If life catches on, you have already done the tasks for the week ahead!


Good luck with the start of the new academic term and best wishes for a successful year!

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