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E801: Action 3.15: Screening Tests

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Simpson, J. & Everatt, J. (2009) 'Reception class predictors of literacy skills'

Notes on importance and nature of screening tests for dyslexia. What issues are relevant to your own interpretation, use and critical evaluation of any screening tests for dyslexia that you may use?

DEST (Dyslexia Early Screening Test, Nicholson & Fawcett, 1996)
4:6 to 6:5 years
Based on three possible causes of dyslexia: phonological deficit; magnocellular auditory pathway (rapid processing); automatising skills (Cerebellum)
Sub-test scores combine to give ARQ (at risk quotient) - controversial

Need to show predictive validity across age ranges and contexts

Combined tests may reduce the ability of a test to predict variance in skills

Predictors of later literacy development change with age so test needs to change with age


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