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H810: Week 14: Activity 29.1: Seale Chap. 10

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Week 14: Activity 28.1: Seale Chapter 10 / Policy Documents

1. Does the organisation where you work have an accessibility (or similar) policy? Use your alternative context, or think about the questions in general terms, if you don't work for a relevant organisation.

Having searched I have found that Staffordshire University have several accessibility policies that are written in with the various sections to which they apply.  They seem to be written by specialists in the area with help of the Student Enabling Centre.
I cannot find evidence of any monitoring polices.

2. How might you improve on accessibility-related policies that exist in your organisation?

The documents appear well considered and well written. I like the fact that they are written as part of the policies to which they refer rather than as a separate document. I do think that there should be some route to report any accessibility issues and I cannot find this. I tend to think that no monitoring is set up.

3. Who are the key people who have a role in managing accessibility in your organisation?

I cannot determine this from the information that I can find.

I intend to make some enquiries when I am next at university in order to see if I can find out the existence of responsible staff or a monitoring system.


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