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I always stress about test results; not so much before the test, but while I’m waiting to find out how I did. You’re alerted by the OU Student site when results are in.


I’ve worn the letters off my F5 key.

Anyway – results are in. For TMA01, the assessment for Book 1 – Global Warming, I achieved…

*drum roll*

96 per cent!


That was the sound of my jaw dropping. I’m absolutely delighted, to be honest. I know it’s a relatively simple one, and they ease you in to these things gently, but being the perfectionist that I am, it’s great to almost achieve that perfection in my first assignment.

My tutor’s comments included: “A first class start Vicki” (I’ll forgive him the misspelling of my name) and, “You achieved all of the Learning Outcomes with a ‘Very Well Demonstrated’ judgement apart from three instances where you dropped to ‘Well Demonstrated’ primarily because there was some missing detail.

“It is work of a high standard, very well presented and easy to mark.  I hope you are finding the course interesting and remember it does get more challenging.

“Well done indeed.”


The feedback was pretty good – I know where I dropped marks, and that’s fair enough. Part of it is learning how the OU wants you to explain and present ideas – the level of detail they’re looking for, that kind of thing. I will learn from it, and move on.

I’m well into chapter 6 of Book 2 now, but I’ve stalled. My crappy laptop won’t run any DVDs, so I’ve to wait for Joe to return with his laptop, so I can get on with a couple of activities.

In the meantime, I’ve started the next iCMA (interactive computer-marked assignment) and have had a crack at the beginning of TMA02.

Now, if only I could zap this tiredness…

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