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Farewell to M364 and T215

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Edited by Albert Williams, Sunday, 27 Apr 2014, 20:21

Hi all, 

What an interesting and challenging 9 months it has been studying this module. For some of us, we gappled with the challenges of doing two and even three courses at the same time.

In my case, I studied T215-Communication and information technologies (30 credits, Level 2) alongside M364- Fundamentals of Interaction design (30 credits , Level 3) Thankfully, there was no exam to sit.

My next course, starting in October,  is T216 Cisco Networking (CCNA) (60 credits, Level 2). The site is already open, so I am already getting my head around the various components. This module also ends with an exam in June, but at least, I will not be having to study two modules  the same time, which as you know involves two sets of forums, TMAs etc.

Anyway, after T216,  I remain three (3) more modules to complete my degree, BSc (Hons) Computing and IT

Feel free to share what your next module is, maybe our roads might meet again!

So until such time, all the best in whatever module you chose.


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