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Edited by Albert Williams, Sunday, 22 Apr 2012, 16:41

This is what I like about the blog feature of the student home page.

When I've  been at my desk, head stuck in the laptop for about two hours or so, and I need to unwind; I don't feel like surfing off to Facebook, but more like keeping my mind on things OU. That is when I like to check in on my blog page. Yeah,  right here!

So, it's one of those times. Currently, I am working my way through the EMA of  TM128- Microsoft Server Technologies, feeling rather chuffed with myself that I managed to score a pass on the TMA average requirement for the course, and looking forward to doing that with the EMA to secure a pass on this challenging course.

Well to say the least to hear students cry down one aspect of TM128 or the other was nothing new. I'm getting quite used to that now, since this is my 5th course. And I prefer to keep looking on the bright side, and how the  Open University is opening up my mind, if not doors to further career opportunities.

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that I am not working towards a BSc in computing and IT, but rather a doctorate. Yes, you heard me-- a PhD in some aspect of Computer Science, technology or design. You see, why just stop at a mere degree. Its like settling for a few A-levels and then dropping out of academia, just so that you can go out to the working life.

For me, if I am to really achieve my goals, I will either have to be a genius, like Mark Zuckerberg or really equip myself with as much intellect and training that  I can afford (meaning, paying my way through Open University) Seeing that I am already fully employed, financing my studies is not a problem, and will be even more so when  I've finished pay off for my vehicle. (I just had to throw that in there)

So, that's me, having a little dialogue with myself. Taking a little breather, to double-check that I still have the energy to go on with my studies. To date, I've passed

M150 - Data, computing and information




T175 - Networked living: exploring information and communication technologies

156 - Digital film school




by all indications will pass TM128- Microsoft Server Technologies, and starting B120-Introduction to Business in May. I think that it would not be presumptuous of me to say that I think I have developed a pretty, nice, little routine to deal with my study load, and have succeeded in adapting my study routine around my domestic and other personal commitments nicely, and feeling quite ready to tackle my level 2 and level 3 courses when they arrive.

Well let's hope so!

Through it all my wife, Tempie has been my main supporter, and source of inspiration. She already has a degree, and she is also an Open University Student, still studying courses.

It is when you have people like her in your corner, that makes you really believe in yourself.

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